#freedomofthecity: We want your photos.

#freedomofthecity: We want your photos.

From Tokyo to San Francisco, Berlin to Melbourne, think you've got the complete lowdown of urban cycling in your city? Time to prove it.

We're looking to feature those who have a real feel for urban exploring on two wheels. From the gear you use, the places you go, and even to those that help you on your way, we want the complete rundown of what it’s like to explore the city you live in on the bike. 

Fancy getting your Instagram featured? Penning a blog on our site? Or even guest reviewing some LUMO stash? Just show us you’ve got the full play-by-play of getting about on two wheels where you are.

When we get asked what drives us in working to produce the best city cycling products with no compromise in design or style, the answer is simple. Our mission has, and always will be to encourage more people from around the world to explore the freedom of their city on two wheels. 

We want to do everything we can to foster the growth of our community of urban cyclers, as a place to share our day to day experiences of exploring the #freedomofthecity on the bike. So today we are launching our ongoing #freedomofthecity campaign. We want to see your best city cycling shots, where you go, how you get there, the places you see and the people you encounter along the way. To sweeten the deal, each week our favorites will be in store for some awesome rewards.

How to get involved:

  1. Upload your best city cycling shots to Instagram using #freedomofthecity 

  2. Each week we'll announce our favorites and feature them over on @lumo_cc

  3. The winner will then be in store for some truly incredible prizes. We'll be giving away LUMO stash, but we're also going to be partnering up with some of our friends and favorite brands from the world of city cycling to offer some exiting goodies.

This is about you and your city. We'll be getting in touch with those we select to see how we can work together. Fancy reviewing our gear on your Youtube Chanel? LUMO featuring your blog post about cycling in your city? You tell us. 

At the end of the campaign we'll be using the content to compile the ultimate urban cycling guides for your cities. Imagine the dream Airbnb host who knows every secret haunt in a city that a Lonely Planet guide wouldn't dream tell you about - well step forward now if you think you know your city back to front on two wheels. We want the hidden gems and the inside knowledge that only a local would know: best riding spots in Stockholm, best gear shops in Millan, best coffee stops in Sydney (biggest potholes to avoid in tribecca?). We want to get to know you: show us your own bespoke cycle style - from your style to gear set up. City by city, with your help we want to produce comprehensive guides to exploring the true #freedomofthecity on two wheels. The people we pick will become our opinion leaders, loaded up with LUMO stash and lighting the way in their city for others to follow them. 

To kick us off and to show you what we're getting at, here’s some of our top picks from the summer:

Cover Image: @erinecamille