The Best of Berlin Bike Show // Accessories

The Best of Berlin Bike Show // Accessories

Last week, LUMO travelled over to Germany for the Berlin Bike Show (Fahrradschau). With its nonchalant festival atmosphere, bikes ranging from start-up brands to global players, stylish bicycle fashion accessories and cult events, Berlin Bike Show really is the independent and authentic hotspot of modern bicycle culture. We took some time out to discover the best accessories the show had to offer.

COBI - €179

Cobi refer to their product as ‘the smartest upgrade to your bike’ – this is a punchy statement, but it’s hard to disagree. COBI connects your bike with your smartphone. The modular system integrates six accessories into one design object: automatic front and rear light, bike-navigation, smartphone holder with charging function, alarm system, bell and bike computer. We ordered one during their Kickstarter campaign back in 2014 and should be receiving it next month.

Available to pre-order from €179

fix your bike - €49

Fix Your Bike is a customization kit designed for cycling. Each tin contains a waterproof adhesive film in a variety of neatly designed prints that can simply be applied to your bike for a cost effective way to give a really neat personalised finish. Our favourite was the Geometric Rhombus.

Kits start from: €49 and are available online

Ass savers - €8

For those who haven’t heard of Ass Savers, the clue is in the name. It's a simple solution to the annoying brown stripe down the back of your pants. They have been around a while now but we love the simplicity of the design and obvious functional benefits of these products from the boys in Gothenburg. 

Prices start from €8.00 online


Radschuhe shoes - €1700

These handmade leather cycling shoes are elegant. Each pair is individually customized by Manuel Bär in Germany and made to measure. They come with in-built cleats, so you can go straight from the office onto the bike for your commute home. Quality of this calibre doesn’t come cheap though, prices start at €1700.

rib cap - €69

Rib cap is ‘not a helmet but is more than a cap’.  The Lenny beanie cap is made from luxurious Merino wool and has protectors sewn into the Ribcap to protect against minor impacts such as scratching and abrasions. It's a subtle way of staying protected without compromising on style. 

Prices start from €69.00

vel-oh! £69

London based husband and wife team Zulfie and Gretta hand make their mussettes themselves. Our favourite is the new Sunshine Nip-Out bag (£60); it’s made from water resistant British Millerain waxed cotton and is perfect for nipping out to the shops on the bike. 

rockwell helmets €139.95

Designed for urban cycling, these helmets look great and are fully customisable. They also boast an innovative new technology which consists of three separate layers including hard-shell, a flexible impact absorption system and the customizable textile layer to keep your head comfortable and protected. For the full helmet prices start at €139.95