Vic Jamieson, Lead Guitarist

Vic Jamieson, Lead Guitarist

Throughout the  Profile Series we explore the lives of some inspirational Londoners and dig a little deeper into the stories behind their success. From DJs, to Special Forces Operatives, to Olympians, each of the interviewees have one thing in common; a love of London Town and being on two wheels.

Vic Jamieson has a rock star résumé. At the tender age of 23, he is currently lead guitarist for British singer MNEK as well as having played at Glastonbury, X Factor, BBC Proms and Radio 1 Live Lounge to name a few. If that’s not enough to make you green with envy, he’s also starred alongside Brad Pitt in the Counsellor. Oh, and he’s a professional model, engaged to a pop star. We talk to Vic about all things music, London, and of course cycling.

Vic, thanks for talking to us. Can you tell us a bit more about how you first started playing the guitar and how your career has progressed in the past few years?

I started when I was about eight I think, with classical lessons in school. I hated them and quit, and then four years later I picked up the guitar again and started teaching myself rock. I joined a band with my school mates and that's when I fell in love with music.

At sixteen, I went to music college and then went on to do a degree in music. During my degree I auditioned for a few gigs and did really well, and managed to play pretty decent gigs as a student! 

From there, I've just kept performing, and juggling all the other stuff. 

You have quite a few impressive appearances on your CV, what’s been your career highlight to-date?

My career highlight is my first big gig. Royal Albert Hall, BBC Urban Classic Proms, broadcasted on BBC Three and BBC Radio 1. 
I got given a fat guitar solo with the support of an orchestra and a hip hop band at the same time. 
My fiancée, family and friends were all watching, the adrenaline was insane, and somehow I managed to pull it off. I'll never forget that and I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity. 

Which live music spots would you recommend in London?

I really like Oslo in Hackney. It's not too big and not too small, has fantastic sound and the stage is pretty high so everyone can see easily. I like to be close enough to see all the little details and expressions of the people playing on stage, and this venue is pretty good for that. 

You also write your own music, where do you take your inspiration?

I take my inspiration from anything and everything. Contrary to popular belief, you can't keep writing about your own experiences because eventually you just sound like a broken record. Sometimes it's rewarding to write as if you were someone else, you almost have more freedom that way.

What’s in store for you next year? 

Hopefully lots of gigs! I'd love to do a few more international gigs and tour for longer periods. A tour of the US would be pretty sweet. 

If there was one person you could perform with whom would it be and where?

I'd like to perform with Ben Howard. At Wembley.


What bike do you currently ride?

Giant Terrago

What’s your favourite part of London and why?

Shoreditch because of the food.

I couldn’t live without my…


When I’m not working, you will usually find me…

Trying to become a decent cook!