Gretta Cole, Velorution

Gretta Cole, Velorution

Gretta is the co-owner of Velorution, retailers of some of the most lusted after urban bikes and cycling kit in London. Here she tells us about what makes the likes of Biomega and Rizoma stock their bikes exclusively in Velorution.

What's the ethos behind Velorution?

Velorution is a destination lifestyle brand offering a unique blend of award-winning products and bicycles. Everything we do leads on exceptional quality and innovation with no compromise. Our collections are produced by some of the most inspirational designers and engineers in the world.  Our pioneering spirit has seen us embark on major projects including three issues of the Velorution lifestyle magazine all produced in-house.

What inspired you to go into the cycling industry? 

Cycling is one of the fastest growing markets, it’s interesting. We reshaped Velorution in 2012 to redefine the cycling store experience. It’s an exciting time for Velorution as we look to expand rapidly in 2016.

You have so many unique and beautiful bikes in Velorution - where do find them all?

We aim to exceed customer expectations by offering the best quality at reasonable prices. We know exactly which products fit our business model and we seek them out. We are approached all the time by brands looking for a home, we have to be very selective.

What do you look for when taking on a new brand? 

Good question, a combination of design and functionality plus the engineering but most of the time it’s the people behind the products who stand out.

We came to you with our first ever designs for LUMO, what did you like about the concept and how does it fit with your ethos? 

We have taken on similar concepts that haven’t worked. Doug and Lucy are professional people who had a passion and determination for their new business and were extremely keen to absorb as much information as possible to get the product right. LUMO have gone beyond our expectations in producing a premium product that fits into our collection.

You seem to have a very loyal base of customers - your ‘Velorutionaries'. What makes them so loyal to you? 

Our customers are interesting, professional people and high net-worth individuals who all appreciate quality and good service. We take the time to get to know our customers. When a customer buys a bike from Velorution they absolutely love the bike and want to show it off sometimes by featuring in our magazine and website. It’s great fun.

Who’s your most famous customer?

We have to be discreet as we deal with so many high profile people from entrepreneurs, broadcasters, singers, movie stars, directors and princesses.

David and Brooklyn Beckham spent a lot of time with us last year, that’s all I can say.

You’ve launched a magazine, your own clothing line, and a store in Selfridges and John Lewis. What’s next for the brand? 

Next year we aim to expand the business rapidly.


What tip would you give a new cyclist in London? 

Buy a good quality bike from Velorution that’s going to last.

What’s your favourite clothing label? 

LUMO for Cycling and Vince for everyday, I only buy quality because it lasts.

Who’s your favourite person to cycle with?

I prefer to be alone.

I couldn’t live without my…

Unfortunately my iPhone 6+ with the large screen.

When I’m not working, you will usually find me...

In a great restaurant or sitting on my sofa drinking a glass of bubbles.

Velorution also have their own coffee stall, serving Black Sheep coffee. In keeping with the cycle style theme, the portable café is modelled around a Pashley Classic No. 33 tricycle, designed by Sebastian Conran.