Caz Nicklin, Cyclechic

Caz Nicklin, Cyclechic

Looking good on two wheels is Caz's raison d'être. Founder of Cyclechic and author of 'The Girls' Bicycle Handbook' Caz tells us about why she began her business and the ins and outs of cycling the mean streets of Chelsea.

Where did the idea for Cyclechic come from?

I had just started cycling in London (about 8 years ago) and was utterly inspired by my new mode of transport. I felt elegant and ladylike gliding around the London streets on my vintage bike but I really struggled to find any accessories that fitted with my look. I started blogging about 'Cycle Chic' to see if there were any women out there who felt the same, and there was! So I set out on a mission to find accessories for the growing community of women who wanted to cycle and look good doing it, and was born. 

What do you look for when you're buying cycling clothing?

I think it's important to feel like yourself, feel comfortable and be as safe as possible. This is why we love the LUMO products because they address these three important factors. 

What is your favourite route to cycle?

I will always have a soft spot for the back streets around Kensington & Chelsea and going over the Albert Bridge.  

What tip would you give to a new female cycle commuter in London? 

If you are nervous have a lesson. Many London boroughs subsidise lessons. I had two through Hammersmith & Fulham council when I was starting out and they were invaluable. Oh, and also take a look at my book, The Girls Bicycle Handbook...   


Albert Bridge

Albert Bridge

Quick fire: 

What bike do you ride?

A chocolate brown Bisou from Tokyo Bike.  

Before Cyclechic, what was your claim to fame?

I used to be the casting assistant on EastEnders.  

What’s your favourite clothing label?

I'm not majorly into designers. A mix of high-street and vintage does me.  

Who’s your favourite person to cycle with?

My daughter. She has been on a seat on the back of my bike for 6 years and is now just learning to ride on her own.  

I couldn’t live without my…

My laptop. It got poorly recently and my world nearly stopped. Sad, I know.