Pip Black & Joan Murphy, co-founders of FRAME

Pip Black & Joan Murphy, co-founders of FRAME

Throughout the Profile Series we explore the lives of some inspirational Londoners and dig a little deeper into the stories behind their success. From DJs, to Special Forces Operatives, to Olympians, each of the interviewees have one thing in common; a love of London Town and being on two wheels.

Meet the wonder women leading London to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

When Pip Black and Joan Murphy (former New Zealand track cyclist) set out to create Frame they wanted to create a more positive approach to health and fitness, more than just the regular gym session pounding the treadmill. All of the classes were developed on workouts and sequences that they loved themselves and had fun creating. You can sweat it out with a high-intensity Signature Class; dance, shake and party like it’s 1999; or get zen with a restorative workout for the mind. 

Talk us through the inspiration behind Frame. Where did the idea come from?
Frame was born from us identifying a gap in the market when running on a treadmill seemed to be the only option to get fit. We both used to pay top-level sports when we were younger and then we both ended up working in the advertising industry, which involved working long days and partying a lot! We loved working out, but didn't want it to feel like a chore. We wanted to have fun while getting fit so thought, 'why not create it'.
The vibe in your gyms is unlike any traditional gym we’ve ever been to. How would you describe the Frame experience to someone who’s never been?
Feel-good, energetic and fun. All our classes are designed for you to get a good workout that you’ll love and to have a good time – whether you come alone or bring a friend! You can sweat it out in a high-intensity Total Body or HIIT class; get zen in a restorative yoga class or learn some moves and strut in one of our dance classes! We know how busy people are too, so we wanted Frame to be sort of like a one-stop shop for example, you can grab a smoothie or a grab-and-go lunch pot from our cafe on your way out after a class.
What’s been the biggest hurdle you’ve had to get through in setting up your own business?
Starting a business from scratch and adopting a new model for the business was a challenge. Also finding instructors who taught classes how we envisioned Frame – to get a good workout and to have a good time!
You have a large young team who seem like they have a lot of fun working together – what do you do to set the culture at Frame?
The Frame team has grown massively within the last 6 months. We have a team who are passionate and live the brand. We highly encourage our team to work out together during the workday – whether it’s an hour in the morning, a lunchtime class or after work. Our team are very passionate about what they do and this brings out the best in them!
You’ve recently collaborated with High Street retailer Whistles for a collection of ‘street to studio’ wear. ‘How involved where you both in the design process?
We were involved from start to finish. The entire collection is things you’d wear in the studio and be comfortable wearing on the street too. The collection has been designed with busy, working women in mind. We created clothing that fits well and is comfortable in a class too – nobody wants their clothes falling over them when in a headstand in yoga. Nor do they want a zip to get in the way when lying down in savasana, so we’ve covered all these elements in the design process.


2014 and 2015 have been busy for you  – you have both become mums, and opened your third site in Kings Cross and started your own clothing line. What’s next?
The last two years have been really busy and exciting! As well as becoming mums, opening Kings Cross and our retail site, we have also opened up a Fuel at Frame café in Kings Cross and serve some healthy and nutritious food from our famous Frame Fuel Bowl to Protein Waffles. 2016 is a big year for us too and we’re getting ready to open Victoria in April. We’re really excited about this and are also talking and planning more Frame studio openings all over!

"We only started listening about four years ago and it’s made a massive difference in our lives. You learn so much from listening to what people say, and not necessarily people who are older."

If you could rewind 10 years, what advice would you give your younger self?
To listen. We only started listening about four years ago and it’s made a massive difference in our lives. You learn so much from listening to what people say, and not necessarily people who are older. Really listening and understanding what you’re being told and working out what’s behind it is key, more so than trying to fix a problem on the spot. 

You can now buy LUMO products from Frame's online store