The LUMO Series, by James Straffon

The LUMO Series, by James Straffon

We first met James Straffon in November when we interviewed him for the LUMO Profile Series. London born Straffon is a visual artist who creates pop-art style artworks across a broad range of media, often taking creative inspiration from the humble bicycle. We gave James a Herne Hill Harington Jacket  for his daily cycle around London. What he subsequently produced with the jacket took us by suprise....

The 'LUMO Series' takes its inspiration from the 'light paintings' of Pablo Picasso. Using the LED strips incorporated into the LUMO Harrington Jacket, gossamer light trails are etched as percussive sketches in the night sky. We think these would make for a fantastic set of printed works. To see more of James's work, head to






The LUMO Herne Hill Harrington jacket

Straffon used the Herne Hill Harrington jacket pictured above to create the LUMO Series.