LUMO's Best of London Bike Show 2016 - Accessories

LUMO's Best of London Bike Show 2016 - Accessories

Having spent four days surrounded by smart city cycling accessories and getting to meet the people who make them, here are our picks of the best ones from the London Bike Show. 

Blaze Burner - £45

Having changed the way traffic sees cyclists approaching from behind them with their Laserlite, Emily and her team at Blaze have now turned their attention to making cyclists more visible to drivers approaching them. The Burner shines at 100 lumens bright from a string of 24 LEDs ensuring you will be seen from every angle. Equipped with a light sensor, it comes on automatically as it gets to dusk, or when you ride under tunnels and bridges.

The Burner’s bracket is also a thing of design beauty, being based around a spherical magnetic attachment to give incredibly strong hold, yet a really easy removal. 

Available online from Blaze.

Spray Bike: Brick Lane Bikes Collection - £7.95

Spray.Bike is a range of spray paint for bikes that makes it easy for even the most sausage fingered to get a smooth and drip-free finish to their paint job. If you’re not an experienced pro, metal or car spray paint is so incredibly difficult to use on bikes and professional electrostatic or powder coating can be really expensive. Brick Lane Bikes have also lent their expertise in both the development of the product and in an exclusive palette of colours named fittingly after areas of London.

Available online from Spray.Bike and instore from Brick Lane Bikes in London.

Litelok - £80

Carting around a heavy metal lock then realising it won't fit around the lampost you've parked your bike against is pretty irritating. This is where Neil and his team at Litelok come into things.  Coming in at under 1kg, Litelok is half the weight of most typical gold rated secure bike locks, yet is incredibly strong and thief-resistant, meeting Sold Secure Bicycle Gold standard, the highest security rating possible. It's cunning flexible design also makes it really easy to secure your bike to a much wider range of objects than traditional D locks. And it's available in neon green, matt black and a new dapper herringbone style.

Available online from Litelok.

Gates Carbon Belt Drive System

Sometimes someone reinvents an everyday object in such a common sense way that we wonder how on earth it hadn't been done before - think Dyson and the vacuum cleaner. Well, Gates are doing just that to the bicycle drivetrain (the artist formerly known as the 'chain'). Compared to a traditional steel alloy chain, the Gates Carbon Drive is cleaner (no oil or grease required), lighter, quieter, needs less maintenance, won't fall off the chainring and won't rust. Now you're probably thinking that's all well and good for a single speed bike, but not so good for rides where you need more than one gear. But you'd be wrong - in combination with the likes of Pinion's gearboxes, the Gates Carbon Drive can already deliver upto 18 gears.

Huez Daily Chinos - £130

Lorenzo and the boys at Huez have been turning out quality urban cycling gear since they launched at the same time as LUMO on Kickstarter in December 2014. The Daily Chino is made from cotton with some added elastane to give it a little stretch for the bike. With an integrated chamois pad, it means no matter how far your commute is, you'll be nice and comfortable in the saddle.

Available online from Huez.


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