Jon Snow, Broadcaster

Jon Snow, Broadcaster

To kick off the Profile Series we explore the lives of some inspirational Londoners and dig a little deeper into the stories behind their success. From DJs, to Special Forces Operatives, to Olympians, each of the interviewees have one thing in common; a love of London Town and being on two wheels.

After 26 years as the lead anchor of Channel 4 News, Jon Snow is a bona fide national treasure. Loved by many for his straight talking, no-nonsense interview style, flamboyant tie collection, and ability to create mischief, Jon is also an avid cyclist and has cycled to work for the past 40 years. We bumped into him on his daily commute at a set of traffic lights in central London recently. After the obligatory selfie, he agreed to a quick interview. 

You once said in an interview 'I don’t think anybody knows much about me. The socks, the tie, but what is that? The bike. These are all ephemeral things.”. So if you were interviewing Jon Snow which question would you ask to reveal something fundamental about you that the world doesn’t know? What would the answer be? 

I love people, but I don’t enjoy my own company.

You’ve conducted some feisty interviews in your time, which interviewee made your blood boil the most?

Sarah Palin.

We all know and love the Jon Snow in front of the camera, how would your colleagues on the newsfloor describe working with you off camera?

Enthusiastic, enjoyable, charming!

You’ve cycled around London since very early in your career, what is it about it that you love?

The utter freedom and independence and the reality, every day, that it's the quickest way from A to B.

You cycle almost every day and are the President of cycling charity CTC. If you could wave a magic policy wand immediately over cycling in London, what would you enact?

A complete ban on most private cars during working hours in Central London (in the video below, Jon highlights the dangers he experiences cycling to work in London).

Which bike do you ride? 

Condor Fratello

Which Velominati rule are you most guilty of breaking? 

Red lights.

Who spends more time in the make up room, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Matt Frei or you? 


If you could put yourself in someone else’s shoes for one day, who would it be? 

Helen Mirren.

Boris Johnson and you are in a race from one set of traffic lights to another. Who wins? 


Who is the funniest person you’ve ever interviewed? 

Margaret Thatcher.

Who was the most difficult person you’ve ever interviewed? 

Margaret Thatcher.