Hello from LUMO

Hello from LUMO

Friends often ask us about how LUMO came to be born. 

The short answer is lying face down at a mini roundabout next to Battersea Park. The unplanned and sudden recline was due to an altercation with a small Hyundai. The only damage done was a bruise the size of a baked potato, so the driver went on his way after apologising that he 'just hadn’t seen me' in my dark jacket and jeans. 

It struck me how close the moment had been to being something more serious, yet that I was more offended at his suggestion of buying some fluorescent gear than at being knocked over. As a clearly rational and logical man, the realisation that vanity was heavily outweighing safety in my decision-making took a bit of processing. Surely being visible to traffic, loking good and feeling comfortable on the bike shouldn't be that difficult. So Lucy (girlfriend at the time, since business partner and now wife) and I decided to draw up some design ideas and make it happen.

To cut a long story slightly less long, we quit our jobs and set up LUMO in July 2014. We found a talented menswear designer who grasped straight away what we were trying to do and have since searched out leading LED, fabric and garment manufacturers that buy into what we are doing to help us. We raised the finances needed to get a venture like this off the ground via crowdfunding websites Kickstarter and Crowdcube, and got plenty of encouraging press reactions too.

Now here we are just over a year later, having had a fair bit of press coverage already and about to launch LUMO. The first collection - The London Collective - is based around LUMO Glow technology, helping cyclists to be more visible on their bikes but only when they want to be.  

We’ve got tons of other ideas of how to make the everyday life of a city cyclist easier and more fun, so this is just the starting point. As we explained in the About Us section, the focus is on technology to improve your everyday life, so don’t expect trackers and apps that tell you your sweat gland readings, but do expect useful technology built subtly into good looking garments that look as good on a bike as they do in a bar. 

Check out the launch video below, we hope you like it.