The 18 best cycling style accounts on Instagram

The 18 best cycling style accounts on Instagram

The two minute 'scroll break' is often a source of inspiration for our next ride, outfit or holiday destination. We've selected our favourite 18 accounts that ooze cycling style, embody cycling culture, or simply make us want to double tap the like button. Enjoy.


  • On Instagram: @mattblease
  • Location: London, UK
  • Occupation: Illustrator
  • Why we love him: witty, playful illustrations about his love of cycling, amongst other things
  • Also posts about: topical observations about just about anything, from skating, to politics, to a Kanye West shaped Easter Egg. 


  • On Instagram: @modcyclingphoto
  • Location: UK
  • Occupation: Photographer shooting for Team Sky, Mark Cavendish, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Fred Perry
  • Why we love him: Scott's passion for British mod culture really comes through in the way he shoots. With less of a focus on the bike and more on the expressions of the rider, he captures athletes behind the scenes and in the heat of the battle
  • Also posts about: mod haircuts, northern soul, scooters. 


  • On Instagram: @daddydarkrdc
  • Location: London, UK
  • Occupation: Founder of Run Dem Crew , DJ, Writer, Poet dude from Deep East London, known to make a beat or two in former life under the guise of Attica Blues
  • Why we love him: When it comes to the London running scene, Charlie is the man. As founder of Run Dem Crew he's inspired thousands to get out and hit the pavement and his colourful posts show the city through the eyes of a runner in RDC. He's also a huge cycling fan with a fine collection of traditional casquettes as we found out when we interviewed him as part of our Profile Series (he's wearing our Wembley Cap in the photo above). Keep your eyes peeled for #cycledemcrew launching soon - we can't wait
  • Also posts about: running, music, style, London


  • On Instagram: @paul_smith
  • Location: Nottingham, UK
  • Occupation: Fashion designer, founder of Paul Smith clothing label (@paulsmithdesign)
  • Why we love him: a wonderfully colourful and eclectic mix of Paul Smith's creative mind, often inspired by cycling
  • Also posts about: design, fashion, architecture, nature


  • On Instagram: @missionworkshop
  • Location: San Francisco, US
  • Occupation: Producers of weatherproof messenger bags, backpacks, and technical apparel for cycling 
  • Why we love them: aside from loving their products, we also love their style of photography. Expect understated style, epic outdoor shots and plenty of finer product details. 
  • Also posts about: outdoor lifstyle, clothing, style


  • On Instagram: @ladyvelo
  • Location: London, UK
  • Occupation: Blogger, Public Speaker, Presenter, Cycling Enthusiast
  • Why we love her: a hybrid of cycling style, London Town and heaps of colour, Jools' feed is guaranteed to give style inspiration to the city cyclist
  • Also posts about: London, style, cycling events


  • On Instagram: @godandfamous
  • Location: New York, US
  • Occupation: Clothing label based in New York. All things road and track
  • Why we love them: fixed Gear bikes, New York style, awesome imagery
  • Also posts about: 100% cycling and performance kit to die for


  • On Instagram: @theradavist
  • Location: LA, we think. It's hard to tell - they are always travelling to the most ludircrously good cycling destinations across the world
  • Occupation: A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors, founded by Aussie John Prolly. 'We will always stop for a photo, or to hit a rope swing… Rubber side up!'
  • Why we love them: It's not hard to see why The Radavist has 112k followers - they post some epic cycling imagery from beautiful locations across the world, with captions that make you want to close down the laptop and join the adventure with them. 
  • Also posts about: Epic views from their rides


  • On Instagram: @greyfoxblog
  • Location: London, UK
  • Occupation: Menswear, fashion & lifestyle blogger, writer, influencer & brand champion. Loves British-made. Est. 1955.
  • Why we love him: Grey Fox Blog is about fashion, style and menswear for the older man - men of about forty or more and those whose hair is turning grey (something our founder, Doug can empathise with). Expect to see the most dapper of suits, alongside some cycling shots in the great British countryside. 
  • Also posts about: menswear, style, cars


  • On Instagram: @bradwiggins
  • Location: UK
  • Occupation: Tour De France Winner, 4 x Olympic Gold Medalist, Hour Record Holder and current World Madison Champion. Bosh. 
  • Why we love him: When it comes to cycling, the man is immortal. There's plenty of behind-the-scenes shots in his feed of life as a pro cyclist alongside throwbacks to legends of the sport. His off the bike mod inspired style is sharp, cool and well turned out. All hail Sir Brad. 
  • Also posts about: cycling history, family life, mod culture


  • On Instagram: @brothercycles
  • Location: London, UK
  • Occupation: London based company making awesome bikes
  • Why we love them: Formed in 2010 by brothers Will and James, Brother Cycles makes beautiful handmade frames - the boys personally test out each one themselves. The duo have a taste for adventure, and Will has just been riding in the 2,700 mile Tour Divide from Canada to the Mexican border (he sadly had to pull out after 800 miles due to a knee problem). Expect to see adventure on beautifully built bikes
  • Also posts about: clothing, adventure, frames


  • On Instagram: @fredbutlerstyle
  • Location: London, UK
  • Occupation: A mutli-talented creative, Fred Butler designs pieces for fashion storys via tailor made props or accessories. Clients include Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Nike, adidas amongst others. 
  • Why we love her: this feed is an explosion of colour and London culture. She's a keen cyclist too (also a Rapha ambassador) and has completed London to Brighton - there's plenty of neatly profiled bike shots in here. 
  • Also posts about: fashion, London life, running, design


  • On Instagram: @cody_chouinard
  • Location: Los Angeles, US
  • Occupation: Photographer, Cyclist, Barista
  • Why we love him: LA cycling lifestyle in abundance, bought to you from Venice Beach. It's a double tap kind of page
  • Also posts about: photography from around LA, coffee


  • On Instagram: @copenhagenizer
  • Location: Copenhagen, DK
  • Occupation: Founder of Copenhagenize, a consultancy specialising in bicycle urbanism, TV host, founder of Cycle Chic blog
  • Why we love him: Mikael travels around the world inspiring and advising both cities and organisations about how to re-establish the bicycle as a transport form and thereafter reap the wealth of benefits. He is a firm believer in wearing 'normal' clothes to cycle in. Expect to see lots of laid back Copenhagen style on the bike
  • Also posts about: Copenhagen, travelling


  • On Instagram: @preferredmode
  • Location: New York, US
  • Occupation: Preferred Mode is a cycle style blog run by Sam Polcer, a freelance photographer as well as the Director of Communications for the non-profit Bike New York
  • Why we love him: Portraits of the world's coolest cyclists, what's not to love? It's been a while since they posted though.
  • Also posts about: Runs @bikenewyork account, America's biggest charitable bike ride. 


  • On Instagram: @freddiegrubb
  • Location: London, UK
  • Occupation: Bicycle and accessories manufacturer and store - founded on style, quality and comfort 
  • Why we love them: Our friends (and stockists) at Freddie Grubb know how to make elegant city bikes. Their Islington based store is similar in style to their Instagram feed; elegant, minimalist, design-led and of course, full of mouth-wateringly good city bikes
  • Also posts about: London, furniture, design


  • On Instagram: @zakabelmusic
  • Location: London, UK
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Why we love him: This one's a little left-field. An office favourite, Zak's track Everybody needs love has seen his profile rise in the UK music scene in recent months. We love that he cycles into the studio and whilst his Instagram doesn't always document it, his 'cycling diaries' on twitter are pretty hilarious. Watch this space, we think he's going to be huge.
  • Also posts about: music, fashion, London life


  • On Instagram: @lumo_cc
  • Location: UK
  • Occupation: Producers of the world's finest city cycling apparel 
  • What you can expect from our feed: a daily fix of city cycling culture, the latest product news, bikes we love and people we find interesting. Tag us in your cycling pictures using the hashtag #freedomofthecity and our favourite post each month will win a Herne Hill Harrington jacket. Wondering what #freedomofthecity stands for? We explain it here.


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