Bike 2 Work Scheme Ltd is a provider of the UK Government’s bicycle to work scheme, a nationwide initiative that aims to get the country’s workforce out of their cars and into the saddle. The bike to work scheme allows employees a tax exemption whereby they save on Income Tax and National Insurance contributions by having the cost of their bike or cycling safety equipment deducted from their gross salary via salary sacrifice. Payment is to be made in the form of interest free weekly/monthly instalments. Make use of the bike to work scheme when you buy LUMO Glow jackets or backpacks with LED lights. With bike to work scheme you can save a lot of money.

What can I buy on the Bike2Work scheme from LUMO?

LUMO Glow products are categorized as reflective clothing or safety equipment and can be purchased through the scheme. The choices are below: 
Images with links to buy the following: Herne Hill Harrington (mens and womens), Regents Parka (mens and womens), Bermondsey Backpack. 

How does the Bike2Work scheme work?

We will explain it in 9 simple steps:

  1. Employer registers with Bike 2 Work scheme and is given an employer pin
  2. Employee registers with Bike 2 Work Scheme using the employer pin
  3. Employee chooses a LUMO Glow product, selects 'Make use of Bike2Work' during checkout and obtains a quotation by e-mail from LUMO
  4. Employee signs in to Bike 2 Work scheme and submits quote on-line
  5. Bike 2 Work Scheme raise an invoice and hire agreement which is sent direct to the employer
  6. The hire agreement is to be signed by both the employer and employee
  7. Once signed by both parties, the company make payment to Bike 2 Work Scheme
  8. Once payment is received, Bike 2 Work Scheme will issue a voucher from LUMO and post it direct to the company
  9. Employee sends the bike voucher to LUMO ( and we will put the delivery in effect