Celebrating City Cycling

Whether it’s cruising through deserted streets late at night with the wind in your hair or discovering a secret new haunt after taking a different route home – riding a bike is the best way to experience any city. Our mission is to encourage more people from around the world to enjoy the freedom of their city on two wheels.

Our design principles: style counts

If it doesn’t look good off a bike as well as looking great on one, we won’t make it. The LUMO test is “Would we feel good walking into a bar to meet our friends wearing this?”

Technology for everyday

The technology we integrate into our designs must provide practical benefits that help city cyclists to enjoy their #freedomofthecity. So for us it’s yes to being seen on a bike, no to tracking your power output.

Freedom is in the detail

From the subtle tailoring features to the carefully crafted pockets and hanging loops, everything we do has been designed with an attention to as many small but helpful details as we can possibly squeeze in to make city cycling easy and comfortable.